New skins for our weapons

After eating too much sweet things over the holidays, ENTE had time now to work on the skins. 😉

He started and finished two skins and another one is in the making. The first finished one is the SPLASHER, the Railgun of the World of Padman. The BOASTER is the other weapon that is looking OK now. The unfinished skin is for our spray pistol, ENTE wants to add more detail to it, he’s a perfectionist. 🙂 Now all weapons are actually skinned, why only actually?

The problem is, that the three weapon skins done by Redlemons do not fit into the style of ENTE’s skins. That’s why we consider of making new ones. This would be more work, especially for ENTE. *g

At the moment the most of the members want to have new skins, so that all the skins look similar.

(Translation by Harmonieman)