No. 1 tip on and review on (DE) | 12/04/2007

The German editorial staff at found World of Padman a joy to play and have recommend our little game as a must download! Also we found a nice review of World of Padman on the German site. We hope that we will find some English reviews in the future as well. Some English comments so far have been:

  • “Woot! Padman owns!”
  • “Nice game, I love the intro and all the artwork, the game feels great too.”
  • “Dudes, that game is so cartoony and fun, I haven’t played a game that made me laugh THAT HARD in a long time.”
  • “I thought ‘wasting my time…’, then I started to see the screenshots, and later I decided I’m going to download it. After installed, i started to play it… FABULOUS! Everything is fabulous: playability, graphics, sounds, design, maps, … It’s a must! Never had so much fun for a long time (only in commercial software, of course). This game SHOULD be in the ‘TOP Games for Linux’!”