PadShop is back!

ENTE's PadShop

Many of you remember the good old PadShop from Quake 3 and from the good old mod days of WoP. Unfortunately the map didn’t make it into the standalone game, although ENTE always wanted to include it. Its many gimmicks and details made it a very popular map back in the day, so we decided to include an updated PadShop in the upcoming 1.5 patch.

ENTE has pushed a lot to get the map completely overhauled. Most of the side rooms were redone from scratch and bear little resemblance to the old ones. There are new  rooms for iMPERiUS, PADPOWER and a new closet interior. The Doom room is still part of the map, but we have yet to clarify if we can keep it in there. Of course the main room got a lot of love too, with lots of new details waiting to be discovered. A special highlight are the textures of PadShop, no other map received so much attention: ENTE replaced together with doomdragon all the game box covers not simply with other covers of other games, but with self-made parody drawings. Does that sounds like a lot of effort? It was! If you liked the old PadShop, you will love the new one, guaranteed!