Painted Death music pack re-released

Painted Death by Neurological

Nicola Capecci aka Neurological added two new tracks to his WoP music pack Painted Death and re-released it this week. Now it has 9 complete tracks. The new songs Respawn and Water Horizon fits very well with the album concept and ensures a strong mix of Metal and Hardrock. To update the pack simply download it again and overwrite the old version in your WoP sub directory.

Meanwhile, Neurological was able to provide a soundtrack for his very first commercial project called Dark Salvation. We congratulate him on this opportunity and hope to hear more of his work in other commercial projects soon. If there will be a WoP soundtrack CD in future, definitely some of his tracks will be part of the album.

Download Painted Death Musicpack by Neurological
( 21,7 MB | | MD5: 8F3C1FB4B576B2A6CA2B9A1D2C3BA868 )

Update: Since WoP 1.5, the Painted Death music pack is part of the World of Padman default installation so there is no extra download needed any more.