Phobos and his shopping center

Phobos' ShoppingCenter

Phobos is back and he brings us a brand new map which he created this past summer. The theme of this map is a mall with many shops and stores like a travel agency, a book shop, a fast food restaurant and lot more. We are sure there is something for everybody. Furthermore there are some untenanted shops which are being renovated and another one is up for sale. Are you interested?

As you can see on the first picture, there are two different levels you can fight on. There is the ground floor where the majority of the shops are located and then a second floor with the rest of the shops. In the center of the mall is a Padman statue in the middle of a fountain. As in all of his maps he spent a lot of time on refurbishing the map with a good collection of nice details. But we do not want to tell you too much about the details, take a look on your own. Have fun with playing World of Padman and exploring this new map, which you can download via