WOL in the final round

Today we would like to give you an understanding of the World of Padman Online League, shortly WOL that is organized by Marxer and some of you might already be aware of. As many of you certainly know, there are 4 cups in the single league, namely normal FFA, normal LPS, InstaGib FFA and InstaGib LPS. Earlier there were 8 league days for every cup, each played with 2 maps. Only the 4 best league days of a player were counted.

Well, at the beginning of this season there was a little alteration: now only 4 league days are played and they are all counted in the end, which should make a single league day even more attractive and exciting! And what is the current status in the league now? – 3 league days have already passed, but there are not any clear favourites yet, so everything is still possible! The last outstanding 4th league day will decide everything! Here are the upcoming events:

  • 20th March; 19:30 CET: InstaGib LPS Day 4
  • 20th March; followed by: InstaGib FFA Day 4
  • 24th March; 19:30 CET: Normal LPS Day 4
  • 24th March; followed by: Normal FFA Day 4

Be there!!!

You have not participated in any WOL cups yet? No problem, just check out the WOL page (link is broken), everything is described there. Basically, all you need to do is sign up on the forums, join the respective user group, and you will always receive the password for the server via private message. The upcoming events you can find at the bottom of the main page.