Release information!!!

Ok, only few days left until you will be able to play the biggest FunMod project ever! But what can you expect from the mod? Here is a short summary:

  • We will have 2 download versions of the mod, both 340 MB heavy: a win 32 installer including all you need. Just run the setup and everything will be done automatically, including shortcuts on the desktop and so on! And we will also offer a zip file for all the Linux and MacOS fans out there. We had no chance to test it on Mac, but we hope it will work. Here you have to extract the mod into your Quake 3 Arena root directory and it will also include a shortcut to start the mod in the right way.
  • the mod will include 3 game types: Spray Your Color, Big Balloon and Last Pad Standing
  • we have 11 maps in Lilliput style
  • 6 player models with 14 different skins, everyone including team skins, so in total a number of 42 skins
  • 9 new weapons
  • 7 new powerups
  • fun and even more

You see, there will be a lot of features, but we also had to cancel some features. The time of testing was very short and you might find some bugs. These will be fixed after you report them. So patches are going to come. Feels like being a big publisher. ;D

We have no real bot support yet. You can play with the bots, but in Big Balloon and Spray Your Color they will not know how to score. We hope to get some support for these game types sometime in the future. But Last Pad Standing and Deathmatch work fine, even with bots. 😉

Now the most important info: We will release the PadMod on Friday, 18th of June between 6 and 8 pm German time (GMT +1). There will be different download mirrors and we hope that nobody has to wait for a download slot. Everybody who wants to be up to date should join our IRC channel (#padmod @ quakenet). In there we will have a nice release party and you will be informed as soon as the mod is ready for download!

We are also trying to get some servers up, so that you can play online after the release. At the moment we got some nice offers and it seems like we will have at least one server for every game type! If you are a server admin and you want to support us by hosting a server, then please contact Harmonieman (also idling on IRC). He will give you the files a few hours before the official release, so that you can start the servers. This is also important for mirrors, contact him and you will get the files. 😉

Ohh, I forgot to tell you something very interesting. is going to start a CUP and even plans a ladder! So it will be a hot summer!

(Translation by Harmonieman)