Sunrabbit had to pull the plug

As many know, Sunrabbit had already provided his server in the development phase of the PadMod so that we could test our little mod. And then, when the mod finally appeared, he still gave us some space on his server, so you could play World of Padman against other players out there. Well, and while most of the other servers kicked out the PadMod because there were not enough players, Sunrabbit remained loyal to us. 😉

Unfortunately, Sunrabbit had to tell us that he can not provide us his server any more (as well as others) because he had to switch it off. 🙁 There were a few bad guys on his server, so he had no other choice, which of course we can understand. So thanks again from the entire PadMod team to Sunrabbit for all his support and good luck for the future!