The sisters of PaddyBell


Did you know that PaddyBell has sisters? Here are some very first screen shots of BadPaddy and PaddyBee, two new and alternative skins for the PaddyBell player model.

Like the name BadPaddy suggests, she is kind of a bad twin of PaddyBell. Definitely not a cute fairy, equipped with some sharp teeth to bite you if you don’t pay attention. PaddyBee is a bee-like creature, that’s why she has some nice insect wings and some black and yellow coloured clothing. Equipped with a nice motorbike helmet she is prepared for some fast game play.

Both were created by our talented PencilWhipped and each will come up with red and blue team skins. They will be available with WoP 1.6 soon. Btw, what is the map in the background?