The Wiener Fun Clan invites you!

In the comments of Serverfun news I discovered today the following info from =WFC= OPA:

We from the Wiener Fun Clan =WFC= play lately Quake 3. For this purpose, we have set up a separate mod server on which, in addition to WoP, also -8- other, more older Q3 mods are running.

The Wop server was recently set up with all the maps. The update now works fine from the server.

WoP is online mostly on the weekend, when we want to play with 6 members online. Mostly DM, SYC, BB is played.

All Mods Quake3 Server#2 18 slots public
Server name: IP & Port:

In server status (on our page) you can see which server and mod is currently online.
CD-Key query and PB is on our Q3 server OFF !

If you occasionally want to play WoP or another Q3 mod with us, just come in…

Servus from Vienna,