A dream becomes true

PadShip in the PadMod and the upcoming WoP stand alone

As many of you already know, id software released the Q3A engine source code the other day. This brings us a lot closer to a dream of the whole WoP team and of course of the whole WoP community. We all have dreamed of for quite some time: a stand alone World of Padman game. We hope that this move will bring a lot of attention to this mod. Mainly because the Q3A install base has dropped significant in the last couple of years and a stand alone release will no longer require a commercial Quake 3 version. But the stand alone release will not be a repackaged PadMod. The team wants to tweak and to improve a lot of things:

  • In every map there will be some changes. Textures will be changed, new paths will be created and the maps will be better clipped. ENTE already started to improve the PadShip. You can find an early screenshot below. What you cannot see on this screen is that you will experience the swell on this map. 😉
  • There will be new alternative skins for MonsterPad and PiratPad.
  • A single player mode will be included. It will work similar to the Q3A single player mode. The player will play every WoP map in different game types against bots. The single player mode will also contain a new, small start map and a new final map. During the maps comics will tell a short story, similar to Max Payne.
  • PadShop will be included, also as a BB map.
  • The non-Lilliput maps won’t be included in the stand alone release. They will be a separate download.
  • The planned Update02 won’t be released. It will be included in the WOP game. This update only contains smaller changes.

So you might wonder when this release will happen. To be honest, it might take a while, but hopefully the team will have a great XMAS present for you this season.

Do you have some free time and want to help the WOP Team? We are currently looking for someone with experience in animating player-models and a skilled mapper with experience in creating cell-shading maps. If you have the feeling that you qualify, please drop Ente a mail.

If you have any suggestions or other feedback, bug reports and so on, please add a comment to this news entry.

(Translation by Aquarius)