The Wiesel’s laboratory map

The Wiesel's Laboratory

Acid + metal => salt + hydrogen? Or how was it, at that time in chemistry class? Even if do not know it any more, or not yet, chemistry is nevertheless a big part of our lives and also of the new map made by The Wiesel. He has rebuilt a chemistry Laboratory map that quite good. In this map you can find everything you need for your research and experimentation in the chemistry. Bunsen burners, test tubes, microscopes, and of course chemicals. So, if you want to show your chemical abilities, or you want to play just a few nice rounds World of Padman, this is the right map to do so.

Additionally, The Wiesel has not only worked with the existing texture, but also created his own textures like the reaction equations how MonsterPad was created chemically. So, I said enough, here is the download link (link is broken). We, the community reporters wish you much fun playing this map and hope that the (mapping)-community will keep on providing us with so nice maps.