Hail to the king!

PadKing by doomdragon

The “Pic of the Week” led to a fun guessing game, but unfortunately no one recognized which Pad was depicted in it. What it would have taken to identify him was taking a closer look at the PadCastle map, since it features a statue this model is based on. So today we are able to present you a real blue-blooded character: PadKing. PadKing is the first Pad character which was not contrived by ENTE. Instead, this very detailed model was designed, created and animated by doomdragon. And since that was not enough yet, he also took care of the skins.

Although, being a king he should be sending his troops into battle, PadKing likes to grab some brightly coloured weapons himself. But not exclusively those, since he is carrying an impressive sword of his own on his back, which he doesn’t really use in combat of course and just shows of as a status symbol.

A sword is a perfect fit for a knight, and since the model already shares many similarities with such a warrior, doomdragon quickly realized that a new head model can easily turn PadKing into PadKnight. Realized it and implemented it. So with an additional head model you will actually get one and a half new models waiting for you to put them into battle.