The WoP League is growing!

If you’re wondering what the WoP League is all about, you should drop by the League page. There you have the opportunity to organize for online games in teams and to hold matches with each other. At the moment 24 PADs have organized in 5 teams to compete against each other. At the moment we have 24 PADs organized in 5 teams to find out, which is the best one. Awesome, 9 nations are represented (Poland, Germany, Austria, USA, Netherlands, Great Britain, Sweden, France and New Zealand). 😯

We owe it to our most loyal PADs, Somtin and IG. Both are almost every evening on one of the servers to meet and care very lovingly for the Newbies. 😉 By the way, the two have set up an extra password protected Leaque server to guarantee a smooth running of the matches. So, now we wish you a lot of fun while playing. May the best team win.

Do not forget that every Sunday is PADDAY. As always, we will meet on Kickchat’s server around 8:00 pm (CET). ❗