They are coming!!!

PadCrash by ENTE

Do you remember the good old days? At the time when even the very word PadMap made your mouth water and you were just busy wiping away the drool? No? OK, it does not matter. :mrgreen: But if you still remember that time, you will probably remember some of the old PadMaps for Q3A, JK2 or EF1. 😉

Now it is almost time, almost exactly 5 years ago, on the 12th of February, the first PadMap was released and to this occasion I decided to make some of the old PadMaps ready for WoP. 😀

This Saturday, just in time for the anniversary, the first package will be released containing the PadGallery deLuxe and two PadCrash maps (smaller version and DM17 version). ❗ Of course I did not take it from me to spice up these maps again. 🙂

Since these maps are just a nice addition and they are not Lilliput maps, the maps will not be playable under SYC or BB, sorry. There are simply not WoP maps and it would have been too much effort. But FFA and LPS are also a lot of fun, especially on the PadCrash. Let yourself be surprised. 😎