5 years PadMaps!!!

5th Anniversary of ENTE's PadMaps

Gosh, is it really five years since the first PadMap appeared? 😯 Sometimes I really wonder where the time has gone. OK, I basically do that every day. : D

It all started so harmlessly at that time and so the first PadMap came out of frustration, because I did not find anyone who wanted to make me a PadMan player model for Quake 3 Arena. The trigger was the saying that PadMan was too unknown and nobody would like to create a model of him. Well, so I first had to make my PadMan more known among the Q3A players, I thought to myself. 😀

If you did not know what was going on around PadMan and the PadMaps and especially how the PadMaps made an impact, you should have a look at the PadMania section on padman.de. 😎 In addition, you will find on our website all PadMaps, which were created at that time for Q3A, EF1 and JK2. It was really a damn cool time back then that I really enjoyed. It is just a pity that we had started our WoP project so late. Actually, when all the excitement was basically already extinguished. *sniff*

Well, how is this day to be celebrated, how can I surprise the last remaining PadFriends? I thought for a long time and then decided to make some of the old PadMaps ready for WoP. 😀 These are PadGallery deLuxe, PadCrash, PadCrash DM17 and PadCastle, the latter in a completely new design! Since I am currently working on the maps under high pressure, I can not say if I will make it until shortly before 7pm with the release, sorry. But by noon tomorrow, the fat package is up and then the party can start properly. 😉

To all the PadMaps players in the world a huge thank you for the funny times. I hope you all enjoyed the thing as much as I did. 😉