TrashMap CTL at last

TrashMap CTL (beta)

12 years ago the CTL version of Kai’s TrashMap was supposed to be released with WoP 1.6. Unfortunately, nothing came of it because the sheer size of the map threatened to exceed the limits of the engine. A large map for more than two dozen players requires a lot of items such as weapons, power-ups, ammunition, and PadShards, and this was exactly what was causing us headaches at the time. Each item represents an entity in the engine, just like each player, projectile, and effect. Since the map is de facto a very large and open space, the good old id-Tech3 engine has to display everything at the same time, and it’s just not made for that. Even during the first tests, objects would suddenly disappear from the player’s field of vision because the limit of what could be displayed had simply been reached.

Now, with WoP 1.7, we have taken a closer look at the whole thing, tweaked the engine a bit, and doubled the number of entities that can be displayed simultaneously, hoping that it will now be enough for the TrashMap CTL. But we won’t know for sure until after the planned beta tests. Compared to the first version, Kai has also completely reworked the item placement. To prevent the map from becoming a sniper trap, some brushwork has been added here and there to give players more cover, and of course you can move completely underground between bases. We are looking forward to the first, hopefully positive, feedback from the beta testers. Until then, we’ll have to make do with some screenshots. Have fun with it!