WoP hotfix for Linux

WoP Service

We are sorry to bug you with another file to download, but this update fixes an essential WoP security issue on Linux systems. Due to an serious vulnerability in ioquake3 that would allow a malicious server operator to execute arbitrary code on Linux clients we supply all Linux users with some new binaries. We recommend an urgent update.

The hotfix includes the prior hotfix 1.5.1 (no extra download needed) and can be applied directly on the WoP 1.5 full release. Windows and MacOS X users are not hit by the issue, stick to WoP 1.5.1.

(Released: 29.07.2011 | MD5: 1BC6DB1482184307C0C015C85C90DBE3 | SHA-1: 85A118FACAE68ED1CAE5E7C000865DF4CC1F80FE)

PS: WoP beta users, please note, the last beta version has the same issue and a fix will also be included in the next beta version soon.

July 26th, 2011, 11:00pm – version

    • Shell injection vulnerability that allowed server operators to execute arbitrary code on Linux clients
    • DLL recognition issue