The new website

WoP old website 2013

Welcome to our new World of Padman website. Due to a server change we took the change to switch our website to the new layout. The layout was designed by ENTE and Smiley shows himself responsible on the functional properties. We think he can be very proud of the new server browser which shows all WoP servers running online with a remarkable amount of information just in time. On the left side of the web page you can find the main menu and the shout box for chat sessions. On the right side you can find boxes with the necessary WoP files to download for your preferred operating system, our official WoP servers running online and a couple of social community and third party links. We know, that the new website is still under construction and some essential stuff like a help section is still missing, but we hope to deliver the missing pages soon.

Apart from being our official web address,, and does the trick too. We also created some sub-domains for some of the external pages and social networks to help you finding the paths through the world wide WoP more easy.

Some of you maybe recognized that ENTE is quite active on his YouTube channel IchPackeAus, where he follows his ambitions as a passionate collector of movie DVDs. The channel ENTEsWelt is the domain of ENTE’s professional life as an artist and book illustrator but he also presented a lot of World of Padman videos there. Now he decided to split between both domains and created a new YouTube channel PlanetPadman focussing on World of Padman. This channel looks a little empty at the moment, but we hope that ENTE will add all the videos soon.