WoP open beta weekend

WoP 1.5.5 beta

We are having a World of Padman open beta weekend from Saturday 26th to Sunday 27th of November. To prepare the next official version of World of Padman, which should be released very soon, we want to share with you the last changes coming up with World of Padman 1.5.5 beta. Code work is finished and now it’s up to you to test new features and to find bugs. This is the last chance for us to receive your feedback before World of Padman 1.6 will be released, that’s why it’s a very important event to us.

Starting from Friday evening we provide two servers running WoP 1.5.5 beta. One will provide team game modes CTL, BB and SYC. The other one will provide FFA, SYC and LPS game modes. We hope that you can try new features and give us feedback, if things work like expected. Please check if …

  • voice chat icons over a player’s head and in the HUD is shown when he is talking.
  • icons of team mates, loading stations, spray teleporter, LPS arrows and BB boxes are shown correctly and their respective buttons work in the game option menu.
  • the reduced ammo bottle load of Boaster (from 100 to 60) and Balloony (from 15 to 10) feels right with the weapons balance and game play.
  • the reduced Boaster direct hit damage (from 5 to 3) feels right with the weapons balance and game play.
  • the powerups are still handled correct while being in the spray room. Powerups should be removed completely when entering the spray room and given back correctly when leaving the spray room. The time of powerups is not paused!
  • the 3D stereoscopic feature and the 3D cross hair works, when selected in the menu.
  • the reduced PadPower damage feels right with the weapons balance and game play. We reduced the multiplier from 3 to 2.
  • BamBams are prone to Visionless now and how this affect the game play.
  • the bots behaviour in CTL game mode and the navigation is flawless.
  • BamBams can’t be placed into walls or map objects any more.
  • the HUD indicates areas where no BamBams and Boomies can be placed correctly.

This is only a very short list of most important changes, fixes and improvements which were done since the WoP beta versions were in development. We hope to see some full servers and some nice improved game play. More information on the event and downloads can be found at our beta forum soon. If you are interested in helping us developing the game and squashing bugs you need to register at our forum to get access to the beta test section.

Update: To install the patch it requires at least a full WoP 1.5 installation. There is no requirement of the 1.5.1 hot fix or any other prior beta installation. If you already have one installed, it is fine. Just overwrite existing files by unpacking the 1.5.4 beta ZIP file into your World of Padman installation folder.

Download WoP 1.5.5 beta patch for Windows and Linux
( 88,5 MB | wop-1.5.x-to-1.5.5-beta-patch.zip | MD5: 414130E39594426B39761B47629A83FA )