The WoP League is growing!

If you’re wondering what the WoP League is all about, you should drop by the League page. There you have the opportunity to organize for online games in teams and to hold matches with each other. At the moment 24 PADs have organized in 5 teams to compete against each other. At the moment we […]

New songs from Dieselkopf and Green Sun

We learned from Ronny (Dieselkopf) that he uploaded two new tracks onto his website. The first one is a cover version of the Fad Gadget classic “Rickys Hand” and the second one is an older track, which Ronny did not release earlier. Green Sun is a new band founded by some of the former members […]

Gametot's Playground News

New playground discovered

A first screenshot has been posted to the PadForum just now, showing a playground. It is the good Gametot who surprised us with that really felicitous piece of work. As he wrote, he develops the new map that is only finished by about 40% exclusively for World of Padman, what we are very pleased to […]

Kai's TrashCan News

New Screenshots of Kai’s Trashcan

A few days ago Kai posted new screenshots to his map “Trashcan” in the PadForum. The new screenshots are pretty dark mostly but you can see very nicely that Kai is putting a lot of love into his map and is striving for many details. Alas, no one came to the joy of actually playing […]

Spray Your Color seems to be fun

The game type vote has ended some time ago so it is time to post the result. 😉 As we have hoped spraying came out on top. We are a bit astonished about the “simple” FFA-Team on second place. 😯 We are a bit sad that Big Balloon and Last Pad Standing are so far […]

Map objects by DoomDragon News

Map objects by DoomDragon

In the last couple of weeks our team member DoomDragon created a bunch of wonderful new map objects for our game. You are already able to see some of his earlier work in ENTE’s PadLibrary, e.g. the chess figures, the bookend and the door handle. We are currently improving all of our maps, so DoomDragon’s […]