New WoP menu in the works!

For the upcoming stand alone version of World of Padman we want to make a lot of things much better. That is why ENTE started to rework all the menu pictures to make it more colorful and to change it more into a comic art style. It is not finished yet but we wanted to […]

MopAn’s Jail – Wet paint!

After having some issues of players acceptance with MopAn’s Jail, he decided to redesign it and it is going to be an eye candy! 😮 Everything will be much better, new paths, new item placement, bigger area on the outside and especially a new color design. We, the WoP-Team members, walked through it with mouths […]


BOINC is a solution for donating your computers idle time to help with scientific research projects via your screen saver. At the time of writing there are over 600,000 people world wide participating in BOINC. The stats pages being heavily visited, and with the top teams attracting attention we just could not miss the opportunity […]

Two security vulnerabilities in the Quake3 engine

There are two major security vulnerabilities in the Quake3 engine. The first is included in the client and allows malicious server admins to execute arbitrary malicious code on players’ computers. The second makes it possible to download any files from servers, provided that they have the sv_allowdownload parameter set to 1. Id has released an […]

3sat Neues (DE) | 07/05/2006 News

WoP on TV again!

DoomDragon has pointed out in the PadForum that our small PadMod has been on TV again. 😮 It happened in the context of the LinuxTag 2006 which went out via 3Sat. It was a pleasant surprise we knew anything about it ❗ but perhaps someone from the Linux Gamers can shed some more light on […]

News poster wanted!!!

OK, everyone, it is time for a dedicated news poster. We are looking for someone who considers themselves capable of writing news for both the English and the German page, a would be bilingual journalist/hack who can freely (in return for fame and honour 🙂 ) commit the necessary time to report not only about […]

WoP server browser by smiley

Some of you may have noticed the small WoP server browser under the KickChat server banner on the left. The man behind this work is our forum member smiley 😀 and he has designs on a more extensive browser to view the rest of the PadWorld, so watch this space. (Translation by IG)

New PadForums!!!

After having some problems with the old forum, we took the chance and implemented a new hopefully better one. Please do not be astonished if the old web address and the old links are not working any more. 😉 Harmonieman is configuring the new forum right now. Maybe that is why not everything is working […]

PadCast via iTunes News

PadWorld Entertainment PadCast

PadWorld Entertainment goes PodCasting … PadCasting! The WoP movies have been converted to 320 x 240 H.264 video with ACC Stereo Audio (M4V files) to be compatible with iTunes and Video iPod. iTunes and Quicktime are available free from Apple, for Mac or PC.   (Translation by IG)