WoP Service News

WoP hotfix for Linux

We are sorry to bug you with another file to download, but this update fixes an essential WoP security issue on Linux systems. Due to an serious vulnerability in ioquake3 that would allow a malicious server operator to execute arbitrary code on Linux clients we supply all Linux users with some new binaries. We recommend […]

WoP old website 2013 News

The new website

Welcome to our new World of Padman website. Due to a server change we took the change to switch our website to the new layout. The layout was designed by ENTE and Smiley shows himself responsible on the functional properties. We think he can be very proud of the new server browser which shows all […]

WoP 1.5.4 beta News

World of Padman 1.5.4 beta released

World of Padman 1.5.4 beta is released for open beta-testing. WoP 1.5.4 beta? And what is the matter with 1.5.3 beta, some of you might think. You need to know that we released 1.5.3 beta a couple of days ago but due to a major bug in bots path finding it was not as stable […]

Padman roughly sketched News

How to draw Padman

ENTE just released a video on how to draw our beloved Padman character in a quick’n’dirty way. This might come in handy for your own Padman sketches, e.g. for level shots and such. 😀

WoP Service News

The WoP forum is moving

As you most likely noticed, the forum is currently unavailable. This is due to PadWorld is moving to a new server. Both gaming servers are already running on the new hardware, forum and website are getting transferred afterwards. This will presumably take a few days. In case you are getting bored meanwhile, why not play […]

The cancelled single player mode

As many of you know, we originally planned a single player mode for World of Padman, but unfortunately for a lack of strength and motivation that mode won’t be finished. The single player concept just kept growing in size and at the end it was just too complex to implement. We would like to take […]

ENTE's April Fool News

ENTE’s April Fool

Some of you maybe found out that ENTE’s video released on April 1st was nothing but an April fool’s trick. In the video (German only) ENTE is unboxing the World of Padman game he recently ordered at Amazon. Beside his ambitions in game design ENTE is a passionate collector of movie DVDs and on his […]

WoP 1.5.2 beta News

World of Padman 1.5.2 beta released

Four years ago on April 1st, PadWorld Entertainment released the World of Padman stand alone game, a free and colourful first person fun shooter for the whole family. Since that time we added a lot of new stuff to the game, released a couple of patches and finally released WoP 1.5, a revised and polished […]

PadDay coming up!

Winter is almost over and it is time to wake up from your hibernation. So, WoP players are planning a PadDay on Sunday, March 27th. On a so-called PadDay, players from around the world arrange to meet at a certain time on a certain server. We always have lots of fun and good times together, […]