Pappy-R & Cali Girl News

Goodbye Pappy-R

Some of you maybe noticed that Pappy-R leaves Planet Quake and steps back from writing news and articles on other sites like Planet Wolfenstein and Planet Doom too. Planet Quake is famous for being one of the first sites on the web posting news about Quake games and related mods since more then a decade. Pappy-R […]

WoP CTL evening on Hectics PCS

We would like you to mark Sunday, October 23, 8:00pm (GMT) in your calendar, since the [Pad]Community decided to play Capture The Lolly on Hectics Public Custom Server. The event is organized by Hectic and the goal is to play CTL all evening, but with a few restrictions: teams will be fixed and set up […]


Create a map for Big Balloon

In this tutorial I want to show you what you need to make your map ready for the game type Big Balloon. But before you start you should make sure that you have installed World of Padman version 1.6 or higher. With older versions some of the things described here will not work or only […]

Vote for Padman

From 21st of September to 21st of December ANIMAX Germany hosts a cartoon contest. Artists can send in a picture of their own cartoon character creation. The best character wins a guest part in the TV show “The Little Record Shop”. ENTE sent in Padman. The first goal is to survive the top ten voting, […]

Spotlight #1 News

In the Spotlight #1

Today in the spotlight we present a small but nice video which we recently spotted on the YouTube channel of oscommunity1. It’s about creating a World of Padman video and the difficulties coming along with it. We had a great time watching it. Enjoy. If you find similar stuff online which should be presented here on […]


Insert weapons, markers and ammunition

In this tutorial I want to show you how to insert weapons, weapon markers and ammunition bottles into your map and how to adjust settings. But before you start you should make sure that you have installed the latest version of World of Padman. With older versions before WoP 1.5 especially the implementation of weapon […]

Catalog: sound effects

The following list should give you a brief overview of the existing sound effects in World of Padman. However, these are just the sound effects in the OGG format, which have been newly added with WoP 1.6 and replace old sound effects in WAV format. We have revised the filing structure, because the new sound […]

TrashMap CTL (wip) News

TrashMap CTL – sneak a peak

The following screen shots show some first impressions of Kai’s TrashMap, adapted for the game type CTL. This map is huge and provides a diverse playground up to two dozen of players, filled up with all kind of weapons and items. Also expect a complete new sound setting of the environment. We added a lot […]

Entity target_speaker mit Key targetname und Spawnflag global aktiviert Mapping

Handling sound effects

In this tutorial I would like to show you how to handle sound effects. But before you start, make sure that you have installed World of Padman correctly in the current version. With older versions, errors could occur when using this tutorial. Supported file formats Actually, the id-Tech3 engine used in Quake 3 Arena only […]