In the Spotlight #3

Fan art by 3aTmE!

As the [PAD]community is very active again this year, it is worth to continue our small article series “In the Spotlight”, which we already started in 2011 and which mainly focuses on videos but also on picture contributions from the community.

There are two videos from Adri{HUN} to show, who already made us happy with many great Padday videos since the revival of the Paddays in 2018. But creating the videos is time-consuming, so the following video summarizes the Paddays from August 2019 to May 2020 and shows the best scenes.

Still relatively fresh from November 2020 is also the first part of the “Random WoP Moments” video by Adri{HUN}, which again summarizes great moments from the last Paddays and also shows many custom maps from the WoP 1.2 era, which are unfortunately no longer easily compatible with WoP 1.6 today.

Imagine also took the opportunity and created two videos for the first two Paddays of 2020. The videos show pure gameplay from Imagine himself and the partly high question rate shows that he is not always to be trifled with. We only say “excellent”!

Findus, a relatively new member of our community, surprised us with an iMPERiUS speedrun video. His goal was to collect the iMPERiUS in all WoP maps as quickly as possible and he only needed 3:57 minutes to do so. Interesting is also the approach to reach the iMPERiUS in MopAns Jail without FLOATER.

A very comprehensive overview of our game appeared on the QuakeFans YouTube channel at the beginning of October 2020. The video begins with the story of the creation of Padman and the first PadMaps, and then quickly moves on to the current version of World of Padman. All game modes are presented and the author is enthusiastic about the implementation and the ideas behind it.

Of course, we must not forget ENTE’s video on the re-release of his PadPack for WoP 1.5 and newer. ENTE guides us through the two maps PadCastle and PadGallery and comments on the history of the creation of World of Padman and the two maps (sorry, German only). An absolute must for real fans of the maps!

If you find similar material from the community that you think should definitely find its way onto our site, you are welcome to point it out to us via Discord or simply link it there directly in the #media channel. We will be happy to present your contributions in the video feature or as a picture of the week on our homepage. Finally, we would like to show you some new fan art, which has of course also found its way onto our fan art page. Have fun!


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  • Fan art by 3aTmE!: 3aTmE