More reviews and mirrors

Here we present you two new reviews. On the one hand the really nice review (link is broken) of the German Site and on the other hand we have the review of the Italian Site We hope that this review is a positive one because there is nobody in the team who can speak Italian. 😉

Update: A translation was done by Carlos, a friend of SLoB and is now posted on the forum for those interested in reading it here (link is broken). 😉

Beside the review offers even more download links, which hopefully offers our Italian neighbours faster local downloads.

In addition, a new mirror was kindly provided by Escaped Turkey. This mirror should be most interesting for server admins because it provides in game redirection downloads directly out of the engine. This is for game servers who do not have the bandwidth to spare during the game. Here is the link to the new mirror (link is broken). More information on setting it all up can be found in our forum.

A big thank you to all those responsible!