One bug squished!

WoP Service

Maybe you already read on the English forum threads, that there is a bug when you want to add bots to a WoP session. It causes a segmentation fault and restarts inexplicably on 64 bit Linux machines.

It took Thilo a few hours, but after a lot of debugging he got to the heart of the problem. The bug only appeared on 64 bit Linux systems as there is a incompatible structure passed between the engine and the quake virtual machine which caused a buffer overflow. He already fixed the bug in the SVN, but an official fix for WoP will be only be included with the next patch release.

In the meantime, please use Thilo’s new builds. Download both files and just copy them into the directory where you have installed WoP and you should be fine. Many thanks to Thilo for his hard work and for supporting the WoP team all the time.

Download for 64 bit Linux only: wop-engine.x86_64 | wopded.x86_64

Update: This bugfix is not needed any more due to the release an official patch.