WoP rules!

PC Action (DE) | 07/2007

It is simply hard to be believed, but again, we may mention here. Three more German magazines have reported on WoP. Two of them put WoP on the cover DVD and mentioned it on the cover page. 😉

BRAVO ScreenFun (DE) | 06/2007

BRAVO ScreenFun (DE) | 06/2007

The first magazine is be PC Action, where one writes among other things:

“World Of Padman rises from the antiquated Quake engine and can with few words be described as: detailed, cartoony, multicoloured. It is amazing how much the developers polished up the old engine!”

The second magazine BRAVO ScreenFun offers WoP on DVD, but wrote only a small article. There one writes:

“World of Padman comes from Germany and offers a lot of ‘clean’ ego shooter fun. In the game you feel almost like you are in Toy Story.”

Linux Intern (DE) | Q3/2007

Linux Intern (DE) | Q3/2007

The third magazine that reported on WoP is Linux Intern. There one writes:

“The interesting part of the World of Padman are the funny ideas. In a completely factitious world the play figures are a bit larger than mice and fight with the craziest weapons.”

Attention to all the torrent fans, FlashXD seeded a WoP bundle (link is broken). On this WoP DVD image with auto start menu you can find:

  1. all three installers (Win, Mac, Linux)
  2. the source code files
  3. the WoP Trailer 2007 & Tutorial Movie
  4. DirectX 9.c & Xvid Codec

Please help with seeding this image and much thanks to FlashXD. More info can be found in the forum.