More WoP Fan Art

Fan Art by Lucky

Not only Macho Pig has been artistically creative with WoP in the past, as we recently reported, but also Adri{HUN}, Phobos and many other WoP fans from the [PAD]Community have created unique fan art, be it drawn, crafted or programmed. Many of the pictures and photos sent to us were published on Facebook by ENTE, but some also ended up on our old website, for example as picture of the week. So we went back into our archive and, thanks to a backup from 2011, we were able to bring some of the pictures back to light. We have now collected all the pictures from then and now on our fan art page for you. It is a nice journey into the past and we hope you will be happy to rediscover your pictures from back then.

In addition, we have slightly restructured the main menu of the website and all picture galleries are now grouped together under Media to prevent the XTRAS section from getting out of hand. If you want your artwork to appear here on our website, please let us know and send it to us via Discord or upload it in the [PAD]Community forum. We are looking forward to it. Finally we present you a small selection of fan art.