20 Years of PADMAN Player Model

PADMAN wallpaper by Tone

Today we celebrate another important anniversary with you, because 20 years ago today PADMAN for Quake 3 Arena was released. For ENTE a dream came true. The PADMAN player model was a joint project of Tone, ENTE, CleanerWolf and Arndt, whereby the latter did important preliminary work and actually created the first 3D model of PADMAN at all. Tone created the Q3 model and animations, ENTE created the skins and sounds and CleanerWolf took care of the shaders. Now you are curious? Then just read the story about the creation of the PADMAN player model, as a new part of our WoP story. We have also put together some interesting pictures and screenshots from ENTE’s archive.


With the PADMAN model the Padtrekkies appeared almost at the same time, a package with four additional skins by Angstroem, which made every real Star Trek fan smile at that time. Some time later Hellpad was added as an alternative skin, which was created by Shocker as a clan skin for team Quakerzone. In this context we have found four original PADMAN wallpapers, which Tone created back then for the release of the PADMAN model and which are now again available for download on our website.


Thanks to Chavez of the Haus Enten, you can play PADMAN and the named skins on the PadHouse server again on the occasion of the 20th anniversary. All you need to play is an original and at best fresh installed Quake 3 Arena (last available for free via the Bethesda launcher) with the latest Point Release 1.32c or ioquake3. You should definitely join the server with “auto download” enabled, so you’re guaranteed to get the same files as the server has.


All pages named in the article with the download links can also be found here! Have fun!

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