We messed around with colors

WoP PadMod alpha test

Finally, after more than 2 years of hard work, we got a first internal team server up running! All the members are happy and messing around with colors in the arenas. The server is sponsored by Sunrabbit and we have to thank him for this. It really sounds strange, that we needed over 2 years to get a first version done, but we always needed some more files or ENTE wanted to wait until the next update. :mrgreen:

Yesterday we had a nice frag fest and we all think the same, it kicks ass. We played some hours and painted a hundred logos or more on the spray walls with all the different logos. But the Bubble G. inspired us to paint more than just logos, as you can see on the last screenshot. 😉


Now its time for us to get back to work and we know that you all hope that every member is motivated again to get a first PUBLIC beta done.

P.S. More pics are coming …

(Translation by Harmonieman)