WoP as a virtual reality game?

ENTE's PadKitchen (Q3A)

What a special date (02/22/2022) for the first WoP news in 2022! While the WoP team is working hard on version 1.7 of World of PADMAN, James Johnson aka. PencilWhipped has been doing some research on Virtual Reality. He came across the recently released VR port of Team Beef’s Quake 3 Arena game and loaded some of ENTE’s old PadMaps into the game. He describes his first impressions in the following video and yes, the WoP team is also impressed how well the old PadMaps run in the VR mod.

Did the video make you want to try Quake3 and the PadMaps in the VR mod? You can find more information and an installation guide in the Discord of Team Beef & Friends. If there will be World of Padman as a VR game, the future will show. At the moment we are busy with the current development of WoP 1.7, which you can certainly see in the low news rate on the website. So for now, the focus is on the main game, followed by the XMAS mod, which we want to officially support again. However, we will certainly check to what extent a VR mod for WoP can be implemented and how much effort that means.

So, stay tuned, your WoP team!