World of PADMAN 1.7 in development

WoP 1.7 widescreen main (wip)

On April 1st, 2022, World of PADMAN – Standalone Complex (WoP 1.1), the first release of WoP as a standalone game, turned 15 years old. Congratulations on that! So it’s about time to say a few words about World of PADMAN 1.7, which has been in development for a few months now. Basically, if there are less news on the website, it is definitely a good sign, because the WoP team is very busy then. The team consists these days of a good handful of people who continue to give their heart and soul to it.


Well, what do we have planned for the new version with the working title Colors Reloaded? Take a look at the following list, but for now we’ll limit ourselves to new features and improvements:

  • Freeze Tag as a new game mode with frosty weapon effects to freeze the enemies
  • Widescreen support for HUD, field of view, intro and menu with high resolution graphics
  • New models and textures for weapons, powerups etc. with more polygons and lod support
  • New gameplay element GhostPad, distributes random rewards to players after being shot down
  • Alternative skin and head model for the PadCho player model
  • TrashMap and a new map for Capture The Lolly game mode
  • Higher resolution map selection images and slideshow with three preview images per map
  • High resolution icons for weapons, powerups, items and spray logos
  • Re-recorded announcement sounds with the original WoP announcer
  • Individual and new step sounds for models like PadCho (spurs) and BeachPad (barefoot)
  • Support of individual gesture sounds for the respective skins of a player model
  • Some new sounds in 44kHz for player activities like jumping, splashing, wading and swimming etc.
  • Support for dust and breath clouds in selected maps (Team Arena feature)
  • Introduction of new medals PadHero (Defense) and PadAce (Assist) for team game modes
  • Support of team commands for bots in team game modes
  • Revision and extension of menu content with new or previously non-existent setting options
  • Revision and extension of the default key mapping and introduction of new options
  • Updating of the XMAS modification and integration into the standard installation
  • Update of the editing files, common textures and extension with previously missing Q3Map2 shaders

As you can see, the list is not very short. Some of the items we have already worked through, but a lot is still ahead of us. Ideally we had imagined a release of World of PADMAN 1.7 still in this, 15th birth year of the WoP standalone. However, as of today, this would only be realistic with some compromises. Therefore we prefer to take the time we need for this. In this respect we stick to our popular statement: When it’s done. 😉


If you don’t agree with this, you can watch us developing WoP 1.7 on Github and try out the current state yourself at any time. You don’t need any programming skills and your current WoP installation will not be affected. All changes will be documented in the changelog and in the respective tickets. If you feel called to be a serious tester of currently processed tickets and want to give feedback, please contact us on Github.

See you soon, your WoP team