World of Padman 1.5.2 beta released

WoP 1.5.2 beta

Four years ago on April 1st, PadWorld Entertainment released the World of Padman stand alone game, a free and colourful first person fun shooter for the whole family. Since that time we added a lot of new stuff to the game, released a couple of patches and finally released WoP 1.5, a revised and polished version with a couple of new features. You players always had to struggle with a long timespan between release dates and that’s why we want to change the development and release strategy in a more open and community friendly way.

Today we release a WoP 1.5.2 beta patch for open beta-testing. It’s an attempt at involving the entire community into testing the game and we hope it will result in broader feedback than the closed beta-test we experienced while developing WoP 1.5. This time we focused on the server-side code and added some new features like stereoscopic 3D (from ioquake3), new cvars and fixed some bugs. We also added a few experimental gameplay tweaks. Therefore we made some changes to Boaster, PadPower and holdable items. We know that there are still bugs and game-play issues left to fix but they are often map related. We hope to fix them with the next beta releases. Furthermore we removed some stuff from the menu. If you are missing important things drop us a line.

Starting at the upcoming weekend, we will provide a beta-test server (PadWorld Entertainment Server) running WoP 1.5.2 beta for open access. It will be invisible to older versions of the game. Furthermore we’ll provide a beta test section in our forum for the community discussion on features and feedback, so sign up and join the community. If you want to report bugs or request a feature please make use of our bug tracker and create bug tickets.

By the way, this is not an April fool’s trick. 😉
Have fun, your WoP team

Update from April 1st, 2011: The beta server is up and running.
WoP 1.5.2 beta | Padworld Entertainment |

Update from April 2nd, 2011: To install the patch you need to extract the zip archive into the WoP 1.5 installation folder. Overwrite old files if needed. Furthermore the beta version is also available via Desura (World of Padman beta). It provides an auto update service regarding upcoming updates.

Download WoP 1.5.2 beta patch for Windows & Linux
( 21.5 MB | | MD5: 86A6C5F11B4C283A7745B6726CF05084 )

Mar 31 2011, 10:00pm – VERSION: 1.5.2 beta

    • 3D stereoscopic options in display menu
    • A delay of 5 sec between dropping the lolly
    • Cvar: cg_drawLensflare [0|1] — toggles drawing of cgame lensflares, default 1
    • Cvar: g_logDamage [0|1] — toggle inclusion of damage messages in the logfile, default 0
    • cgame console now also handles [skipnotify] like the engine
    • Cvar: cg_timestamps — Prefix console lines with timestamp. 1 for game time, 2 for realtime, default 0 for none
    • Push awards from OpenArena, e.g. when a player knocks another player into the void
    • Cvar: g_suddenDeath [0|1] — toggle sudden death in gametypes that support it, default 1
    • Variants of crosshair i and j, called k and l
    • Nettype info in serverbrowser so players can see whether server is ipv6 or v4 enabled
    • 3D crosshair to QVMs when in STEREO mode
    • Reduced PadPower damage multiplier to 2.0 (was 3.0)
    • Reduced Boaster direct hit damage to 3 (was 5)
    • Merged serverinfo cvars Players_Red, Players_Blue and Players_Active into Players_Team
    • Re-enabled Bambam owners, Player also scores when his BamBam frags an opponent
    • Owned items (Killerducks, BamBams, Boomies) get removed on team change and disconnect
    • Bug: Players complained handicap would be set in player setup menu
    • Made Bambams prone to visionless
    • BamBam healthbar appears now in team colours
    • Attempt to enforce proper netsettings (cvar values) in online gameplay
    • Cvar: g_modInstagib renamed to g_instaPad
    • Cvar: g_modInstagib_WeaponJump renamed to g_weaponJump
    • Finalized BamBam spread, removed cvar g_bambamSpread
    • Edited balloon capture messages in BackyardBB
    • Bug 405: BB boxes with vertex light
    • Dropped weapons were considered to be a weapon spawn while placing Boomies
    • Team overlay for spectators
    • Friendly fire for team items (BamBams, Boomies)
    • A few issues with LPS sounds and sorting
    • Memmove for new size_t typedef, thanks to DevHC for reporting
    • Padding in status command reply for long ip addresses
    • Crash bug
    • Bug 389: in Backyard maps
    • Bug 396: in CabinBB
    • A lot of spellnig mistakes
    • Vertex lighting from menu options
    • Menu options for center view, look up, look down, mouse look, free look, joystick, joystick threshold, always run, turn left, turn right, sidestep / turn
    • Team and bot from status response since Players_ cvars are meant as a replacement
    • CVAR_SERVERINFO bitmask from cvars which do not need it
    • To ioq3 rev 1936
    • Protocol version number to 70. This is necessary due to the old clients sending quake3arena heartbeats and the master server not knowing the wop heartbeats.