Update package change list

As you know, we are currently working on a small update pack to fix a few bugs and add some new features. We hope to get this one done soon. A new version is already available to all our beta testers and includes the following changes: Logos in SYC-FFA/Team – these should now work correctly […]

PadShop by ENTE News

PC Gamer PadShop soon for WoP?!?

Some of you may remember the good old PadShop, which ENTE created for the American PC Gamer magazine a few years ago. Being asked for a World of Padman version of this map a lot of times, he decided to take some time and give this map a fresh look and new features. 😉 Usually […]

Skyboxes by MightyPete News

All WoP skyboxes available for download!!!

MightyPete created some wonderful sky boxes for the PadMod. We were not able to use all of them in our maps, but we created two packages full of by us used and not used sky boxes. 😉 You can download and use them in your own maps. Of course you do not need to use […]

Banners & Badges for Warhammer 40.000: Dawn of War News

PadLogos for Dawn of War

ENTE really seems to like the Warhammer 40.000 game “Dawn of War” and recommends everybody who likes games like Warcraft III to take a look at it. He created a small pack of badges and banners to be used in Dawn of War. Simply download the file and extract it into your DoW installation folder. […]

Still searching for a place to play?

It is not easy to find a running WoP server and that is why we decided to help you in finding one. FEzzz coded a nice script, which displays some servers and gives some information about them. Just click on SERVER and you will get the list. You can see the IP and the number […]

SuperPad skin by ENTE News

SuperPad – Skin No. 3

The last two skins we announced here were some sort of the dark ones, so we have to get another colourful one into the upcoming update pack too. SuperPad is now done and he looks really crazy. With his pink dress and the 3d glasses, he fits nicely into the World of Padman. The dress […]

WoP Shirts for the Sims News

The WoP Sims

Hehe, even the Sims are not safe from the World of Padman, so in the Sims 2 neighbourhood you could already spot a nice girl (and a stupid guy 🙂 ) wearing a WoP shirt. Let’s see, maybe we will tie a small package at times, so that under the Sims a little PadFeeling arises. […]

Big Ballon Action News

First BB-PadDay Roundup

Yesterday was our first Big Balloon PadDay. Unfortunately I was not able to join (some kind of connection problems) and only about eight players at a time were on the server. But judging from the postings on the German part of the website, it was still a lot of fun. Because this was the first […]

BioPad skin by ENTE News

Bio(hazard)Pad wants to play with you

The second Padman skin, which will be release with the update pack, is BioPad. This one should be well known by some of you out there. 🙂 BioPad was redone a bit. he got new colors and a complete new head, new hands, and a new cape. The old version was a bit too extreme, […]