WoP Christmas video contest 2008

Hi folks, a long time ago the team introduced me to you as a news poster (or: writing watchdog of the developers work). Today I want to start a video contest, in which we not only want to have fun, we want to find out how funny, exciting, action packed or simply crazy the game […]

3atmE's CoolooR News

3atmE’s CoolooR

Even if it is not that new we want to bring you information on it. We are talking about 3atmE’s CoolooR. As the map was created in less than half a week it is pretty small and rather good for battles with a few pads. Anyway 3atmE was able to show us that he loves […]

BioPad promotional preview News

New heads for the world #3

After a long break, we would like to introduce to you a new head model! It’s the head of the BioPad: you already know him, the green-grey Pad, who looks like a biologist with elastic suit and flared trousers. However, something has changed. The biological hazard trefoil has been substituted as a belt buckle with […]

WoP Service News

We are back again!

As you might have noticed, we were not available the last few days. The server running the website and the forum as well has had a damaged hardware. The broken down component has been replaced and the server is running again now. Sorry for the downtime.

GlowStar's ColorStage News

GlowStar’s ColorStage

A long time ago there was a blue man, called Padman, and he jumped off the PadGarden and found himself in a new red, blue and yellow map, which he never had seen before. Today we want to present to you this new red, blue and yellow coloured world. ColorStage is the name of the […]

Mapping contest has begun

As announced the conditions for the first WoP Community Mapping Contest were released on September 15th. These conditions say that the maps are not allowed to be bigger than 3072³ units (3072 in every direction). Additionally there where some guidelines concerning the weapons: the maps have to include two PUMPER, BETTY and BUBBLE G. each […]

PadWiki Revival!

We know about it and we utilize it: the good old MediaWiki! There are countless wikis, which care a lot about very special subject fields. Some of you know certainly, there is of course an additional wiki about the colourful comic world of WoP. Smiley (PadWiki master) created a new version of our wiki and […]

First WoP community mapping contest

On the 15th of September in 2008 the first ever mapping contest, which was originated by Jables007, will start. We all don’t know what we will see, but we are curious for your projects. Who ever wants to enter the competition can just to sign up in the forum with a simple post containing your […]

5 questions to a PadMember – Cyben

Reporter: Tell us something about yourself. Cyben: I am 22 years old and I am studying although I am not quite sure what I belong to. I love computer, games and design, 2d-3d, music and nature. R: How did you come to WoP and since when were you a part of the team? C: I […]