PadSoldier News

New heads for the world #2

Today we want to introduce the second skin with a new head model. The PadSoldier seems to you, perhaps, famously, because you could see his outlines already in the InstaGib news. doomdragon has made the 3D model and how ENTE had feared it, he had to skin it. There are two more new skins, we […]

Fight of the clans

Since the WoP Online League (which is hosted by Marxer ) is regularly organizing clan matches, there have been more and more clans on the online servers. They are trying to climb up the league’s ladder. But first of all: what is a clan? A clan is a fusion of players, that mess with other […]

InstaGib sniper zoom News

InstaGib – coming soon!

A very popular and famous game mode is the InstaGib mode and most of you know this game. For the rest of you we wrote a short explanation: InstaGib is a mode, in which you are armed with just one weapon (mostly a sniper rifle) and a single shot sends your enemy into the happy […]

PadWorld Entertainment News

WoP Statement!

Well, now is the time to come clean with you and tell you why we were so discreet, why we couldn’t post any news and why we had some trouble with our team. The situation became harder and harder for us and we were just unhappy about the actual situation, so I decided to tell […]

Start modding World of Padman

This tutorial will show you where to get required files and how to create a basic mod for World of Padman. This is a very basic tutorial and should also only give you a first orientation regarding the source code and its concept. Preface Before you consider starting a mod, you need a few things. […]

ModDB MotY 2007 (source: http://www.moddb.com) News

TOP4 Indie Game on ModDB MotY Awards 2007

The ModDB MotY Awards 2007 are over now and we made it as number 4 top indie game of the year 2007. From 60 listed released indie games on ModDB you voted us into the top 5 for the first time and we are listed alongside great indie games like Tremulous and Warsow now. Even […]

Goodbye Jube

The name Jube is well know to some of the WoP and Quake players here, because since 7 years now Jube has written news on Planet Quake every day. Same long time that she’s been writing news for Planet Quake, she’s been reporting about World of Padman there. Often we were very astonished how fast […]