The German federal state cup has a winner

Hey folks, I just want to mention, that the German federal state cup is over and the North Rhine-Westphalian team has won. Unfortunately you were not able to take part, because this cup was aimed to the people from the different federal states of Germany, but as I said there is already an international cup […]

Sign of life from Green Sun and Dieselkopf

Every WoP fan should know them: Green Sun, the band which made the Pad-Anthem, the hymn of World of Padman. They enriched the game also about some more tracks, but I want to talk about the last concert, they gave on 21st of 2007 at Werk9 (Berlin) before they split. They played the songs Things […]

News from the WOL

1v1 LPS cup in April On March 30th, the 3rd InstaGib 1v1 LPS cup begins. This cup has a special feeling, as it is held in elimination rounds. That is to say, who loses a match is out of the tournament! It will be played in the InstaGib mode, thus only with the SPLASHER. And […]

The Wiesel's Hobbyroom News

The Wiesel’s Hobbyroom

Today The Wiesel wants to present us the final version of his new map named Hobbyroom. Nearly everyone would name this map as his own, because here you can find two smooth couches, a fresh bar, where you can have a drink and a pool table. But it is even better as a map in […]

Harm's WesternSet News

WoP goes Wild West

Do you know the good old western movies? In these films the bad people were bad and the good ones, good! Today this old rule is outdated, because the well-known heroes from World of Padman will maybe take over the screen of our cinemas, soon. But at first the movie has to be shot and […]

PaDbUrY's Casino News

PaDbUrY’s Casino

Today we would like to introduce to you PaDbUrY’s Casino map. PaDbUrY, who has already been creating maps for a long time and often impresses us with his amazing ideas and love for detail, finished his probably most extensive project in July 2008, the Casino map. The map is pretty big, so there is enough […]

WOL in the final round

Today we would like to give you an understanding of the World of Padman Online League, shortly WOL that is organized by Marxer and some of you might already be aware of. As many of you certainly know, there are 4 cups in the single league, namely normal FFA, normal LPS, InstaGib FFA and InstaGib […]

Phobos' ShoppingCenter News

Phobos and his shopping center

Phobos is back and he brings us a brand new map which he created this past summer. The theme of this map is a mall with many shops and stores like a travel agency, a book shop, a fast food restaurant and lot more. We are sure there is something for everybody. Furthermore there are […]

The German federal state cup starts

Hey folks, as you might have noticed on the German forum, that the Germans are planning a federal state cup, but at the moment it seems impossible that the rest of the world to take part due to the high pings and time shifts. Also it would be a problem to assign you to the […]