Rent your own server – for free

Who of you always wanted to create a game server for a match, but then failed in establishing and administrating it? Since, for people who are not typing on the keyboard like Mozart is playing the piano, it is rather difficult to set up a server, there is now the option to rent a fully […]

Deus TV show News

WoP in Israeli TV show Deus

At times we get surprised by really crazy events, crazy even by WoP standards, that show us how widespread WoP has become. Almost on the day two years ago ENTE got an email from Israel and what a surprise it was to the team. It was about a planed TV show for kids where video […]

Painted Death by Neurological News

Neurological for your ears

Neurological, an Italian self-made musician and well known games modder recently released his first music pack for World of Padman stand alone game. He is the guy behind mods like Mind and x – MASS for Doom 3 and several contributions for other games like Quake 4, Oblivion and Postal 2. As he realised that […]

PadKing by doomdragon News

Hail to the king!

The “Pic of the Week” led to a fun guessing game, but unfortunately no one recognized which Pad was depicted in it. What it would have taken to identify him was taking a closer look at the PadCastle map, since it features a statue this model is based on. So today we are able to […]

The Wiesel's Laboratory News

The Wiesel’s laboratory map

Acid + metal => salt + hydrogen? Or how was it, at that time in chemistry class? Even if do not know it any more, or not yet, chemistry is nevertheless a big part of our lives and also of the new map made by The Wiesel. He has rebuilt a chemistry Laboratory map that […]

Interview on ubuntumagazine.org

There is a new place to go for Linux users, the Ubuntu magazine. Since there are plenty of WoP friends within the Linux gamer community, ENTE was asked to give a little interview (web archive). So, pay them a visit and read what our Lead-Bluenose babbled about again. 😉

PadWorld Entertainment News

Searching a coder and a status update

So, what is happening behind closed doors in the WoP labs and who is still working on it anyway? These questions come up in the community and we do not want to leave them unanswered. Also, there is demand for more news but we do not want to announce any new features yet because some […]

5 questions to a PadMember – Kai-Li

Reporter: Tell us something about yourself. Kai-Li: I was born in Berlin and I have spent almost my whole life there until now. However, at the moment I often commute between Berlin and Stuttgart, because I got a job as an engineer there. I have finally said good-bye to my student life, so to speak. […]

Phobos' DM17 News

Phobos’ DM17

Everyone, who knows Quake 3, should be familiar with this map DM17. Phobos rebuilt it and textured it in the WoP style: many colours, black edges which gives the whole map a cell shade look. But in this pack are 2 maps included: first, the multi colored version I already mentioned and second a black […]