5 questions to a PadMember – MightyPete

Reporter: Tell us something about yourself. MightyPete: Me? Well I have been making game parts all the way back to Quake 1, mostly textures and stuff. Over the years I think I have made just about everything now. R: How did you come to WoP and since when were you a part of the team? […]

ModDB MotY 2008 Awards – 2nd phase started

Two days ago the top 100 Players Choice list of released and unreleased mods & indie games of ModDB’s MotY 2008 Awards was released to the public. There you can find also 51 complete new titles alongside some well know classic ones of the past years, which made it into the list. Do you remember […]

Smokin' Guns released News

Wild Wild West

Aside from WoP there are, of course, other projects utilizing the Quake 3 engine to create their own stand alone game. A long time news partnership connects us to the former mod Western Quake 3 in particular, hence we would like to take this opportunity to advert to it once more. Those guys did in […]