20 Years of Star Trek: Voyager – Elite Force

Star Trek: Voyager – Elite Force

On September 20th, 2000 Activision released Star Trek: Voyager – Elite Force, a first person shooter from Raven in the Star Trek universe based on the Quake3 engine. As the name suggests, the game is all about the spaceship Voyager, from the well-known TV series of the same name, which is on its long journey home from the Delta Quadrant. The game sets its story after the events of season 4, focusing not on the crew around Janeway, but on the Hazard Team, a powerful elite force of Starfleet for delicate field missions: Set Phasers to frag! Despite the ideals of Starfleet, the player as Ensign Munroe shoots his way through a variety of levels in the best first-person shooter manner and meets many different opponents. By a trick in the story, keywords spaceship graveyard, it was possible to bring together many different groups and even time levels from the Star Trek universe. The trip to the spaceship from the classic era, including colourful uniforms and short skirts, is a pleasant memory.

Activisions promo disc with PadMaps and PADMAN for Elite Force

Activisions promo disc with PadMaps and PADMAN for Elite Force

Elite Force also had a multiplayer mode called Holomatch in addition to the single player mode. This mode was strongly based on the concepts of Quake 3 Arena and due to the same engine of both games, maps and models for Quake 3 Arena could be adapted and released for Elite Force with a manageable effort. And so it happened with ENTE’s PadMaps, because Activision Germany asked ENTE to create exclusive versions of his maps for Elite Force, so that they could put them on a promotion disc and distribute them in April 2001 at the 9th FedCon in Bonn. The disc not only contained selected PadMaps, but also the player model PADMAN, Angstroem’s Padtrekkies-Pack and Shocker’s Hellpad. You have read correctly, Hellpad was also available for Elite Force. In addition, there was an alternative sound file that replaces PADMAN’s “oh sh*t!” with a simple “oops” in the game. This file was published by ENTE at that time due to complaints from the US and can be installed additionally. By the way, RastaMan also released its PADMAN screensaver with the “Nr. One” skin from the Padtrekkies pack as Elite Force version. To our pleasure we can now offer you Hellpad, the alternative sound and the screensaver again for download on our website and thus complete all PadFiles for Elite Force again.

Padman's Space Orbit 3D Screensaver (Elite Force Version) by RastaMan

Padman’s Space Orbit 3D Screensaver (Elite Force Version) by RastaMan

This is the Elite Force version of Padman’s Space Orbit 3D screensaver, which was created…

Hellpad (EF) by Shocker

Hellpad (EF)

Hellpad directly comes from hell and puts on some fire. Hellpad is an alternative skin…

Padman (EF) by ENTE

Padman (EF)

PADMAN is a comic figure created by ENTE and the “meanest gamer of the world”.…

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