GlowsMine by GlowStar News

The lost WoP maps

Looking through the picture archive of all the stuff we have done during the last two years, ENTE noticed, that we started some cool maps, that never got finished. 🙁…

Music pack #1 by Dieselkopf News

New Dieselkopf soundtrack!

For all who want to listen to some nice music while playing the PadMod, we have a new music pack from Dieselkopf with 9 new tracks! These are not as…

DoomDragon with own website

This news has nothing directly to do with the World of Padman, but with a PadMod member. 😉 Our busy DoomDragon, who is responsible for the nice 3D movies in…

We wish you a Happy New Year

2004 is gone, and it was a good year! We finally released the PadMod after more than 2 years of development and a bunch of release delays in may 2004….