PadCastle by ENTE News

PadPack updated!!!

We announced to redo the recently released PadPack, because of some bugs we found. It was planned to fix the bugs and to release it, but ENTE has done more than this. In PadGallery he has redone some small parts and redesigned a whole room, but in PadCastle you will notice a lot more. There […]

PadCastle by ENTE News

PadPack is going to be fixed!

Sorry, but we found some bugs in the PadPack and ENTE is going to fix these and will re-release the pack. The bugs are not fitting textures, a wrong text in PadCrash and a few other things like the columns at the Padman-Statue in PadGallery which harm the game play. As a compensation for the […]

DVD cover in the making

ENTE was asked for a cool DVD cover for our mod in the forum a few days ago, so he started to draw a few ideas he had. 😉 He also had the idea to do a cover a few month ago, but never got the time to do one. Now, after being asked, he […]

Website redone

As you can see, we have redone the website a bit. The old silly frames got kicked and we did the page in PHP now. This should give us more flexibility in designing the page and adding more features. The first new feature is already installed and you’ll have already noticed the bar on the […]

ENTE's PadPack News

The PadPack is here!!!

Five years ago I released the first PadMap called PadCastle for Quake 3 Arena. Because of this fantastic anniversary I thought it would be nice to create a big PadPack for World of Padman. 🙂 In the last two or three weeks I redesigned my old PadMaps PadGallery, PadCastle, PadCrash, and PadCrash DM17. Especially PadCastle […]

5th Anniversary of ENTE's PadMaps News

5 years PadMaps!!!

Gosh, is it really five years since the first PadMap appeared? 😯 Sometimes I really wonder where the time has gone. OK, I basically do that every day. : D It all started so harmlessly at that time and so the first PadMap came out of frustration, because I did not find anyone who wanted […]

PadCrash by ENTE News

They are coming!!!

Do you remember the good old days? At the time when even the very word PadMap made your mouth water and you were just busy wiping away the drool? No? OK, it does not matter. But if you still remember that time, you will probably remember some of the old PadMaps for Q3A, JK2 or […]

FunnyPad News


At the beginning of our little mod project, SLoB startet to model FunnyPad and finished it a few weeks later, so that the model was “only” missing a skin and new animations. Now, Gogitason took the chance and created a very well looking skin. The model is nearly done now, but it won’t find the […]

Sundays are still rocking

Every Sunday the same game, the health indicator goes to zero, you have collected a few color cartridges, running obsessively to the Teloporter, the fingers sweat bathed, the heart beating wildly. You have only one goal in mind, the teleporter. Then, it is only a few centimeters, you start to jump, you think you have […]