Statement on the current situation!

We are really sorry that things have gotten so quiet here lately. Some of you may be wondering what happened, why it got so quiet around the PadMod. Well, you have to thank me a little, because unfortunately I had to retire a bit. After years of mapping the PadMaps and working on the PadMod, […]

More FAQ

One or the other may have thought that we are no longer alive, but do not worry, we are still breathing. In order to show our goodwill and treat you to something new, we have expanded the FAQ a bit and put down information about the server HUD, the ready command, the chat icons and […]

PadLibrary – spray room screenshots!

After working on the main room of his new map PadLibrary, ENTE startet to work on the spray room to support the game type Spray Your Color. πŸ˜‰ At the beginning, he planned a complete new room but he had some problems to implement it. So, he decided to take one of his duel maps […]

PadMod for Gentoo

Good news for Linux users running Gentoo as their distribution: the World of Padman modification is now officially included in Gentoo. Before the Windows users here quit reading this news item: there are some advantages for you too. The PadMod is now being automatically mirrored by hundreds of servers. Most of the servers are either […]

PadLibrary – new Screenshots!

During the last days, ENTE has worked a lot on his new map called PadLibrary and he wants to present you the newest shots. The main room is nearly done now, but ENTE always finds a things he wants to change. But the lighting and the texturing is done. Only the stairs will get an […]

PadLibrary – new map in the works!!!

Yes, we are still alive and we will not give up. πŸ™‚ While raute is working on the next code update and DoomDragon is doing some map objects, we also have a new map in the works. 😎 PadLibrary is an old and nice room that will not be used for reading books, but for […]

Every Sunday is sprayed

Yes it is. We still meet every Sunday on one of the PadServer to come the point. πŸ™‚ Unfortunately, some of you do not seem to have noticed, and so it has become worryingly quiet the last few times. Therefore, here again just the call/invitation for Sunday to play. πŸ™‚ Currently we play on Sundays […]

WoP on the PC Zone Cover DVD

As the UK edition of the PC Gamer magazine presented WoP on their cover DVD some time ago, now did the British PC Zone magazine. πŸ™‚ On the cover DVD of the issue 152 you can find in addition to the mod also the WoP update01. Unfortunately, there was no nice article about the mod […]

PlanetQuake.com (US) | 07/03/2005 News

We are the Mod of the Week

If you took a look at planetquake.com you will notice, that we are the Mod of the Week! A short article about our mod can be found there and maybe, we will get a small boost into the mod because of that. Thanks to planetquake.com. (Translation by Harmonieman)