Backyard Kerfuffle by 3aTmE! News

New community map from 3aTmE!

Yes, there is a new community map for World of PADMAN by 3aTmE! called Backyard Kerfuffle. It was released a month ago, but that gave 3aTmE! the time to test his map and iron out some bugs in the meantime. So there was already a small update.   Backyard Kerfuffle actually started as a test […]

New game type Catch The Killerduck News

Catch The Killerduck in the making

Almost a year ago, we asked you which game types you would like to see in future WoP versions. According to the survey, the result was clear and you would like to see the game type Catch The Killerduck in addition to the already announced Freeze Tag. This game type is based on Catch The […]

WoP Freeze Tag in action News

Freeze Tag and ice cold weapon effects

Many of you surely remember the game type Freeze Tag from the XMAS mod, which was created for WoP 1.2 by some creative PadMembers. It was a long time ago and unfortunately this very popular mod was no longer compatible since WoP 1.5 and Freeze Tag was therefore no longer playable. That is why during […]

WoP 1.6.2 on Flathub News

WoP available via Flathub

World of PADMAN is now available in the latest version 1.6.2 via Flathub and thus can easily be installed on various Linux systems. This is similar to the Snap Store, where WoP has been available for quite some time. Flathub is supported by Flatpak, so Flathub applications can run on almost every Linux distribution. We […]

[PAD]DAY Revival News

Participate in the Paddays 2023

We hope you had a great Christmas together with the people who are important to you and we also take a little time before the development of World of Padman continues next year. Unfortunately, we can’t make any statements regarding a release yet, so the motto is still: “When it’s done!”. Some of you might […]

Indie of the Year 2022 Top 100 News

WoP in the Top 100 Indie Games 2022

This year, World of Padman has been voted by you into the Top 100 of 2022 out of a total of 1343 indie games on IndieDB. In the last few days, almost 7800 votes were cast on IndieDB. You still have a few hours to vote for your top 10 indie games. The last time […]

Indie of the Year Awards 2022 News

Indie of the Year Awards 2022

IndieDB has already started its annual Indie of the Year Awards on December 1st and you have, as every year, the chance to vote World of Padman among the Top 100 Indie Games of 2022 until December 10th. This is again a great way to promote our game a bit by simply going to our […]

20th anniversary of ModDB 20 Years Feature

20th Anniversary of ModDB

This month marks the 20th anniversary of ModDB. ModDB was originally started in July 2002 by Scott aka INtense! as a database for game mods with the goal of providing a place to go for mod content and the opportunity to collaborate. Back in the day, mods were uploaded to various game hosting sites and […]

NetRadiant - GTK3 News

Updated NetRadiant builds

Illwieckz from the Unvanquished team recently informed us about updated NetRadiant 1.5.0 builds. These can be downloaded for the common operating systems via the official NetRadiant GitLab page. New is the native support for macOS, so you can create maps for WoP on an Apple PC for the first time. In addition, for the first […]