ENTE's PadPack re-release Highlights

ENTE’s PadPack is back!

Yeah, you read it correctly! ENTE’s PadPack for World of Padman is back! Almost 13 years ago ENTE adapted his PadPack to the standalone version of World of Padman and released PadCastle, PadGallery and PadCrash in a significantly revised form. When World of Padman was released in version 1.5 in December 2010, many essential changes […]

3aTmE!'s Sinful News

3aTmE! is working on a new map

Some of you will certainly remember 3aTmE! well, as he is an old hand in the [PAD]Community. He already worked on several mod projects for World of Padman and is author of the maps Dead Simple and Coloor, which both run under WoP 1.6. The latter was created on a weekend in summer 2008 and […]

ENTE's PadCenter (Q3A) 20 Years Feature

20 Years of ENTE’s PadCenter

20 years ago ENTE released his fourth and until then biggest PadMap; PadCenter for Quake 3 Arena. It is a quite extensive shopping center with two to three levels. Besides two larger areas with various shops, there is an area for the delivery of goods with a small courtyard, two parking decks and an administration […]

World of Padman game pack in NetRadiant Highlights

NetRadiant – New builds and updated tutorial

Thanks to Thomas Debesse, also known as illwieckz, from the Unvanquished team, new builds of the popular NetRadiant 1.5.0 have recently been released in cooperation with the Xonotic team, as a belated Easter present so to speak. The latest builds for Linux and Windows operating systems in 32 and 64 bit can be found under […]

Sweetwater by Breli (Smokin' Guns) News

Heading for Sweetwater

Once Upon a Time in the West (original title: C’era una volta il West) by Sergio Leone is one of the most successful Spaghetti Westerns of all time. The Italian-US-American co-production from 1969 impresses with its long takes and epic wide-angle shots. A special location is the farm Sweetwater, where a duel between the gangster […]

Padman uncut News

WoP BOINC team fights COVID-19

It’s been a while since we reported about it, but maybe some of you still remember the BOINC team of World of Padman. BOINC is a program for distributed computing that makes the idle time of the computer (Windows, Mac, Linux) or Android device available to scientific projects. Thanks to Smiley some WoP players started […]

PadHouse by Haus Enten News

PadHouse – A house for PADMAN

Why a house for PADMAN, you will certainly ask yourself. He already has his own world! Well, it wasn’t always like that and if we think back to the very beginning of World of Padman, 20 years ago today there were just the first three PadMaps, called PadCastle, PadHome and PadGallery for Quake 3 Arena. […]

ENTE's PadGallery (Q3A) 20 Years Feature

20 Years of ENTE’s PadGallery

Today 20 years ago it was time for the release of ENTE’s PadGallery for Quake 3 Arena. It is ENTE’s third PadMap and was a milestone not only for him. It’s an art gallery where ENTE and two artists friends could present their work. Therefore the map has several exhibition areas where you can see […]

PadMenu News

Stay home! Stay save! Play WoP!

The stand alone release of World of Padman turns 13 years old today. I wonder if this unlucky number has something to do with the current Corona situation? We hope not! But as long as the Corona virus has a firm grip on all of us, you should stay at home as far as possible […]