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WoP Discord server available

It took a while, but we have finally set up a public WoP Discord server for the great [PAD]Community out there. In the age of mobile internet and instant messaging,…

GEE (DE) | 04/2007 News

Old GEE issues for download

We just added another piece to our WoP history puzzle. On our World of Padman media coverage page you can now find a small but nice article from issue no….

Dieselkopf Greatest Hits News

Dieselkopf Greatest Hits album released

Dieselkopf have surprisingly released an album with their greatest hits. Among the 17 tracks are songs like Live Your Life, Fuel, Filthy Man and Orangedick. Ronny Rasmusson, head of the…

Schakal's Garage News

Quake Haus – A home for Quakers

Some of you from the German community will surely remember Since 1996 there have been regular postings about the world of Quake and Doom and related maps, mods, models,…

ENTE at the gamescom 2019 News

ENTE visited the gamescom 2019

Last Thursday, ENTE visited the gamescom, the world’s largest computer and video games fair, which took place in Cologne from August 20th to 24th, 2019. Members of the WoP team…

WoP Stand Alone Complex Wallpaper by ENTE News

More WoP news from the archive

The website of the freeware fun shooter World of Padman exists since January 2002, at that time attainable under the domain Since February 2003, it is still accessible at…