ENTE's PadHome (Q3A) 20 Years Feature

20 Years of ENTE’s PadHome

Today, March 10th, 2020, ENTE’s PadHome for Quake 3 Arena officially turns 20. It is ENTE’s second PadMap and consists in large parts of leftover and unused areas of his first map PadCastle. It is a larger villa with a big entrance hall, various functional rooms and a nice backyard with a portico. The map […]

ENTE's PadCastle as sprayroom for ENTE's PadShop (PadMod/Q3A) 20 Years Feature

20 Years of ENTE’s PadCastle

Today, ENTE’s PadCastle for Quake 3 Arena is actually 20 years old. It all started on February 12th, 2000, when ENTE released his first PadMap, a small gothic-style knight’s castle with entrance area, festival hall and sleeping chamber, where two to four players can have fun. Actually, it was more a result of frustration, because […]

WoP news pictures 2005/06 News

Pictures of the WoP news from 2005 and 2006

For the years 2005 and 2006 we were able to restore many of the missing news images with the help of ENTE’s backups and upload them to our website. Now they have finally found their place in the news articles of 2005 and 2006 again, as long as the corresponding articles were recoverable. Unfortunately we […]


Two mapping tutorials back online

Since the end of January, two more WoP mapping tutorials are online again. They deal with the use of step sounds and the insertion of weapons, weapon markers and ammunition bottles. The latter has been substantially revised again and expanded with a section on changing weapons and with an overview of all keys and associated […]

WoP Social Media News

WoP in Social Media

World of Padman has been present in social media for many years, especially Facebook and Twitter, where we have been since December 2009 and August 2010. Also we must not forget our evergreen ModDB, where WoP is active since August 2002. But the world does not stop and the way information on the internet finds […]

WoP PadDay Screenshot News

PadDays also in 2020

For all those who have not yet noticed, also in 2020 we will meet at the PadDays to play World of Padman together. The PadDay was originally created as a weekly event by Aquarius, a dedicated member of the [PAD]community back in the days, after the release of World of Padman as a modification for […]

WoP news pictures 2004 News

Pictures of the WoP news from 2004

Also for the year 2004, the year of the release of the PadMod, we could restore a really big part of the still missing news pictures with the help of ENTE’s backups and upload them to our website. Now they have finally found their place in the news articles of the year 2004 again. Just […]

20th Anniversary of ENTE's PadMaps 20 Years Feature

20 years of ENTE’s PadMaps

Welcome to the year 2020! Wow, who would have thought? ENTE’s PadMaps will be 20 years old this year, because it all started in 2000 with his first Map PadCastle for Quake 3 Arena. Actually, it was more out of frustration, because ENTE wanted to create his comic character Padman as a player model for […]

WoP news pictures 2003 News

Pictures of the WoP news from 2003

Wow, that went a lot faster than we thought. Also in the second year of development of the PadMod, there were a lot of pictures in the news, which we could now restore almost completely with the help of ENTE’s backups. There are de facto only five pictures missing, which were no longer detectable or […]