Tutorials of The Brain updated

Also our PadMember The Brain wrote several tutorials for World of Padman in the past, which could be found at different places on the internet. As of today they are available on our tutorial page and deal not only with mapping but also with creating modifications for WoP and dedicated WoP servers.

The first tutorial covers the creation of modifications for WoP and gives a first orientation to the source code, which files are needed and how you can compile, test and publish your modified code on Linux and Windows. The second tutorial shows you how to add your own maps to the create menu in WoP. All steps to create the necessary scripts, graphics and screenshots are explained. The last tutorial is very detailed and contains all basics to set up and control a dedicated WoP server on Linux. All necessary requirements, files, commands and variables are explained and with the help of detailed examples you will be introduced to the setup of a server configuration with map and game mode rotation.

Create a dedicated WoP server

This tutorial will show you how to create a dedicated server for World of Padman…

Adding a map to the create menu

This tutorial will show you how to add your own map called MyMap to the…

Start modding World of Padman

This tutorial will show you where to get required files and how to create a…

The Brain’s tutorials are now available for the first time in German and English and have been updated for WoP 1.6. If you still find any bugs or if you have requests for additions, please report them in the editing-channel on our WoP discord server or in the WoP editing forum on ModDB. We have almost all WoP tutorials online again. The remaining ones still need a more fundamental revision, so their release may take a while. Therefore we ask for a little patience.