The WoP news of the year 2005

WoP PadMod Wallpaper by DoomDragon

Shortly after the 15th birthday of the PadMod we want to take a look at the WoP news of the year 2005, the last year of World of Padman’s development as a modification for Quake 3 Arena. The data is good except for two major gaps and extends into October. The months of April to June suggest a large gap, but there were really only 4 news postings at that time. Unfortunately, the months of November and December of the year 2005 are no longer available and it is impossible to investigate how many posts are missing altogether.

As before, most of the news was written in German by ENTE and translated into English with support from other PadMembers and the community. Where the translations could no longer be restored, we added them later and editorially revised the news in a few places. Unfortunately, except for one exception, no picture footage has been preserved. Nevertheless, the year 2005 was trend-setting for the further development of World of Padman as a standalone game.

In the following we want to review the year 2005 of World of Padman again.

As already described, the months of November and December are currently not recoverable. As before, we hope that we will be able to supplement missing articles, images and files in the future. This concludes this news series on the development of the PadMod for Quake 3 Arena. We hope that we could give you a good overview of the first years of World of Padman.