Music pack by das -boerge- News

das -boerge- surprise with a new music pack!

Finally a treat for your ears again, then the third WoP music pack is ready for downloading. 😎 Some of you surely know our good Kai who likes to take a shower in colorblots every now and then on the PadDays on Sunday. But only a few here know that Kai is a drummer at […]

WoP ingame action News

The earth quivered!!!

Well, if it has not thundered last Sunday, I do not know what does. The server was filled and the wild action fights seemed to come to no end. Sometimes, you did not even know where you were with all the fireballs and colorblots flying right by your ears. It must be really chaotic first […]

PadShip in the PadMod and the upcoming WoP stand alone News

A dream becomes true

As many of you already know, id software released the Q3A engine source code the other day. This brings us a lot closer to a dream of the whole WoP team and of course of the whole WoP community. We all have dreamed of for quite some time: a stand alone World of Padman game. […]

The Wiener Fun Clan invites you!

In the comments of Serverfun news I discovered today the following info from =WFC= OPA: We from the Wiener Fun Clan =WFC= play lately Quake 3. For this purpose, we have set up a separate mod server on which, in addition to WoP, also -8- other, more older Q3 mods are running. The Wop server […]

Voting booth is open

Finally it is here, the WoP voting booth and finally we can offer monthly votes. 🙂 So we start right away with a vote of the most popular WoP weapon, so make your cross and let us know which weapon you like the most. You can find the corresponding vote if you just look to […]

Server fun

Today I received from Raptaker some funny screenshots from the last PadDay. So it was thought to the inauguration of the PadLibrary that you could even build a nice tower, just to see if anyone can touch with his fingers the ceiling. Well, then it was only a few inches missing. 😀 if you also […]

Is it getting closer?

Could it be that we will soon be able to deal with a stand alone version of the PadMod, so to speak, a WoP game? As John Carmack personally announced at this year’s QuakeCon, the Q3 engine is expected to be released as open source within a week. This would make a big dream come […]

PadLibrary by ENTE News

PadLibrary now officially released!!!

So, after basically no noticeable bugs or problems with the PadLibrary were reported, we have decided to publish the map now officially. 😉 The PadLibrary is a small, cosy book room with lots of details to discover. Rarely have I put so much work into the textures, as with this map. But unfortunately it has […]

New map cycle and PadLibrary

By popular request, the good Raptaker has now changed the order of the maps on the “Battle Server”. In addition, a new map was added, without you can not play tonight! This map is the long awaited PadLibrary, which is not yet officially released. Whether it is the final version will be revealed in the […]